Doek! Literary Magazine Namibia's first literary magazine

Doek! Literary Magazine (Doek!) is a free, independent, and Pan-African online literary magazine produced in Windhoek, Namibia. It publishes short fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and visual art from Namibia and the African diaspora.

Founded in 2019, Doek! is an important step towards creating a diverse, curious, and robust literary culture in Namibia. By publishing diverse writers and visual artists, Doek! seeks to provide an encounter between local and international storytellers and a global audience.

Doek! primarily publishes work from Namibia and the Namibian diaspora while it establishes Namibian writing and art in the country’s literary consciousness. However, as part of the continental literary community Doek! solicits work from storytellers outside Namibia to showcase the breadth and depth of continental creativity. In time, Doek! hopes to be a completely Pan African publication accepting submissions and publishing work from the continent and the African diaspora.


Founded: August 2019
ISSN: 2026-8831
Number of issues at present: 12
Categories: fiction • nonfiction • poetry • visual art
Publishing frequency:  2 times a year (June/July • November/December)
Editors: 3
Contributors per issue: ∼15
Nationalities per issue: ∼10
Submission fee: none
Submission format:
online via form
Submission word limit: 3500
Literary Recognitions
Auralgraph, Lilongwe, Salima, and Blantyre: Song Of The Lakeby Tamanda Kanjaye republished by Guernica in May, 2022
This Little Light of Mine” by Troy Onyango shortlisted for the 2021 AKO Caine Prize for African Writing
Doek! Literary Magazine: Brittle Paper Literary Platform of the Year 2020
Press Recognitions
The Magazines And Journals Shaping Africa’s Literary Scene in The New York Times,
Intellectual Magazines Are Flourishing In Africa in The Economist, 2021
African Literature And Digital Culture in LA Review Of Books, 2020
Namibian Writing Front and Center: Rémy Ngamije on Doek! Literary Magazine in Words Without Borders, 2020
Yale University Library: Online Periodicals for African Literature
Issue 1: A Story Happened Here...
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